A:Do you like pets?

  B:Yes,of course.

  C:I'm not so keen on pets.

  A:But why?

  C:Pets are hard to deal with.Besides,they can get really dirty sometimes.

  B:I think you've got a point there.But still,I love to keep pets.They are friendly creatures that can bring you happpiness just as a human friend.

  A:I agree with you both.Pets are good friends of us humans but it's always annoying to bathe them.What's more,we'd have to take care of them every now and then,they're just like human babies sometimes.

  B:Surely you are right!this helps to build up our responsibility in certian ways.We'd have to be responsible to them once we decided to own one.

  C:And that's why I choose not to keep one,it wastes a lot of time to have a pet.And for those who are busy.They definatly haven't the time to spend on the little animals.

  A:That's true.Moreover,pets need to be checked every year to see if they are in good health.It also costs a lot of money.

  B:Yeah,a pet in a family is no longer an animal,it becomes a part of the whole family,a member of it.

  C:So while a pet brings us much happiness and delight into our lives,it also requires our devotion to it.


  Adrienne: Hey, Lisa, I was hoping you could tell me a little about this cat?


  Lisa: This is my cat Rocky. Her name… her full name is Rocky Parker, and the reason for that is because she is a survivor and I'll go into that, how she's a survivor soon, and also because she climbs the walls like Peter Parker, Spiderman. How we found Rocky, was that our friends of ours lived in this apartment complex. They were walking home one day and they heard this cat meowing in the bushes and they stopped and looked for it. They kept on hearing it meowing but they couldn't actually see where it was. So they started looking for it and it happened that there was a police officer who was in the general vicinity and came to help them look for the cat. So they finally found this little kitten who was not more than a month old, had obviously been abandoned by her mother and the police officer explained that because of the animal laws in the community that if they didn't take the cat in or find an owner within a week, they had to bring the cat back to the SPCA, they couldn't leave it out on the street again.


  Adrienne: What's the SPCA?


  Lisa: The SPCA is the Society for the Protection of Animals and that controls… it regulates stray animals. It also is a place where you can bring dogs or cats and they are given away free to owners, to new pet owners.



  odd: So, Phil, we both live and work in Japan. We're both teachers in Japan. Now are you homesick. Are there things that you really miss about England?


  Phil: The thing I miss the most, and it's going to sound really sad, is my cat.


  Todd: Oh, that's cute.


  Phil: Yeah, I love my cat. I don't know why. I'm a bit sappy like that, so I really miss my cat.


  Todd: Oh, well talk about your cat. What's your cat like?


  Phil: My cat is black, very fat, very stupid like most cats but very lazy like me so we have a lot in common but just she likes to wake me up at six o'clock in the morning and I really curse her and hate her. Still, I can't be angry about it.


  Todd: Yeah, right.


  Phil: And sometimes she'll bring a bird in, and she thinks she's having a great present by brining us a bird and my mom gets really angry and…


  Todd: Ooh! Wow! Your cats still primitive. It still goes out and kills birds.


  Phil: Oh, yeah, yeah, and occasionally mice because we live in the country so there's a lot of animals nearby and my cat will always try and catch them.


  Todd: Oh, cool… So what's your cats name?


  Phil: Chaz.


  Todd: Chaz?


  Phil: Yeah. We got her from a charity called the Cat's Protection League in England.


  Todd: Oh, I'm sorry. What's that? Can you explain?


  Phil: The Cat's Protection League is basically, there's a lot of homeless cats in England. People abandon them because they can't look after them or whatever reason and they will take them in and they will give them food and try to find them new homes and we found our cat from there.


  Todd: So you saved Chaz?


  Phil: Kind of, yeah. I think we saved her. Maybe or maybe we condemned her. I'm not sure.


  Todd: So, what's cool about your cat, Chaz? I mean, why do you have this bond with your cat?


  Phil: I don't know. Maybe we're on the same level. We both like to spend our weekends sleeping all day and doing as little as possible, eating and sleeping so maybe we're just on the same level, but I'm not really sure. We're just both as stupid as each other I think.


  Todd: So, you would say you're definitely a cat person and not a dog person?


  Phil: Yeah, yeah. I like dogs but I think cats are actually more intelligent on a… like if you throw a stick for a dog, the dog will always fetch it. The cat will look at it and fetch your own stick you idiot.


  Todd: That's true. That's true. Well, anyway, hopefully you'll be able to see Chaz soon.


  Phil: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. I hope so.






3.英语对话 宠物





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