英 [sɒp]     美 [sɑːp]





  abbr.标准操作程序(=standard operating procedure )


  1) Please sop up the water with a mop.请用拖把把水吸干。

  2) Northbridge is a cool, calculating and clever criminal who could strike again 诺思布里奇是个头脑冷静、诡计多端、阴险狡诈的罪犯,他可能还会犯案。

  3) She made a fanning motion, pretending to cool herself off 她做了个扇风的动作,假装想让自己凉快一点。

  4) In warm weather, you should wear clothing that is cool and comfortable 在热天里,应该穿凉快舒适的衣服。

  5) All I had to do was be halfway cool 我要做的只是保持适度的冷静。


  6) Columbia recently resigned the band for a cool $ million 哥伦比亚唱片公司最近以,万美元的高价再次签下这个乐队。

  7) Robbins is typically cool in his pronouncements about his future 罗宾斯在发表有关个人前途的声明时表现出一贯的冷静。

  8) Cool air whooshes up through the grates on the street 冷空气吹得大街上的格栅呜呜作响。

  9) She has a reputation for being calm and cool-headed 她以沉着冷静著称。

  10) A cool shower wakes up the body and boosts circulation 冷水澡可以刺激身体,促进血液循环。

  11) On first acquaintance she is cool and slightly distant 初次相见时她表现冷淡并有点爱搭不理。

  12) Store grains and cereals in a cool, dry place 将粮食和谷物储存在阴凉干燥的地方。

  13) Thatch is naturally warm in winter and cool in summer 茅草料天生冬暖夏凉。

  14) The owner insisted on Cool Ground running in the Gold Cup 主人坚持要让“酷地”参加金杯赛马会。

  15) The idea met with a cool response from various quarters 这个想法遭到了各方人士的冷遇。

  16) He was trying to be really cool and trendy 他竭力想扮酷,赶时髦。

  17) He was marvelously cool again, smiling as if nothing had happened 他又变得出奇地冷静,微笑着,好像什么也没有发生过。

  18) It takes great skill, cool nerves and the reflexes of an athlete 那需要运动员有高超的技巧、冷静的头脑和迅速的反应能力。

  19) First McNeil had to cool down the volatile Australian -year old 首先麦克尼尔得让那个脾气暴躁的岁澳大利亚小伙子冷静下来。

  20) Cool summer dance sounds are drifting from the stereo indoors 清凉的夏日舞曲的声音从室内音响中传了出来。

  21) Set on a cool wash and finish with a short spin 设定用凉水洗衣,最后短时脱水。



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